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See LookThink CognoSIS in action

A student's success is more than just the individual pieces of their academic career. LookThink CognoSIS provides the insights that matter on the whole student in a single platform.

In this on-demand 5-minute demo, you'll see solutions for Admissions & Enrollment, Attendance, Registration & Operations, and Transcripts & Report Cards.

Your School, Your Way

LookThink CognoSIS is perfect for schools large and small, from primary to higher education. The platform is designed to be flexible to meet your needs, not the other way around.


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Increase engagement with faculty, students, and families

LookThink CognoSIS provides unified insight into all the data that can impact a student's academic success, both inside and outside the classroom.

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Admissions & Enrollment

A flexible, scalable solution to enrollment challenges that reduces error and time spent on registration while increasing student enrollment for your district or school. Track campaigns, create lotteries, and upload documents for enrollment verification.



A simplified, powerful entry and reporting interface for attendance at the classroom level, for desktop and mobile. Enter excused and unexcused absences, pull custom reports, track historical attendance records and never worry about data loss or accuracy.

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Registration & Operations

Register students in classes and fill courses quickly with recommended available students. Create courses outside of term limits, enroll students in programs, grades, cohorts, or classes, and clone repeated courses for easy term start operations.

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Transcripts & Report Cards

Generate branded, customized transcripts, and student report cards. Save directly to each student file, and download for email or print for easy filing. Output reports in bulk for a single student, capturing all associated student notes for tracking student success.