Gain insight. Improve student outcomes.

LookThink CognoSIS is a student information system that gives you the full picture of the whole student in a single, easy-to-use platform.


Eliminate information blindspots

LookThink CognoSIS helps you gain insights that matter from all the data that reflects a student's success. Finally, there's an easier way to determine which programs are working, make better-informed decisions, and more efficiently report on progress and results all in one place.

Insight 360

Cognosis brings together many different types of data into a full 360 degree view of the student, including admissions and enrollment data for streamlining processes like application, registration, recruitment, and admission; case management such as daycare coordination; student success metrics for attendance, academic achievement, and extracurricular involvement; family engagement with a secure parent portal for simple parent-school communications; and easy connections and integrations with other school systems.  

Your School, Your Way

LookThink CognoSIS works the way you do, not the other way around


Configurable dashboard provides student information across the entire student lifecycle.

Unmatched User Experience

Easy to use from the very start. Reduce time, effort, and costs with more efficient processes and easily create your own reports.

Partnership Approach

We bring proactive expertise to every engagement: new ideas to streamline processes, improve outcomes, and provide support.

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Adjustable for any school size

LookThink CognoSIS is perfect for schools large and small, from primary to higher education. The platform is designed to be flexible to meet your needs, not the other way around.

Increase engagement with faculty, students, and families

LookThink CognoSIS provides unified insight into all the data that can impact a student's academic success, both inside and outside the classroom.

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Gain Insights That Matter


Students Helped


Reduce Time Creating Reports


A Single Powerful System

What you need to know, all in one place

LookThink CognoSIS works the way you do, not the other way around


Case Management


Recruiting & Promotion




Applications & Admission




Registration & Enrollment


Academic Achievement



Choose an easier way for better student outcomes


LookThink CognoSIS is a LookThink student information system.